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The Products: Renal Portfolio

The renal portfolio manufactures and markets a comprehensive selection of products and services used in the treatment of kidney disease.
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT)
When someone experiences a sudden injury to the kidneys or other health-related issue that causes a quick decline in how the kidneys are functioning, the patient will develop a condition known as Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). CRRT is a safe, effective option for patients with acute kidney injury. CRRT filters the blood over 24 hours, mimicking the action of the kidney and keeping fluid levels in the body relatively constant. There are several options for CRRT. The type used depends on the patient's specific condition.
Lines for Aquarius CRRT machine
Filter for Aquarius CRRT machine
Sets for Prismaflex CRRT machines
Haemodialysis (HD)
Haemodialysis (HD) is a process by which excess fluids and toxins are mechanically filtered from the blood when the kidneys can't perform properly (e.g. chronic kidney failure). During your treatment, you sit or lie next to a haemodialysis machine in a clinical setting. All your blood is filtered through the dialyzer several times, which a continuous filtering process typically lasts 3-4 hours per treatment, performed 3-4 days a week.
The Clean Cartridge Concept makes it possible to perform heat disinfection in combination with decalcification or cleaning in safe way
The Clean Cart Concept is a safe and easy way of maintaining and disinfection of the dialysis machines
Essential component of a system designed for ultrapure dialysis Fluid to avoid treatment related inflammation
For high flux performance and excellent clearance of small and middle molecules
Biocompatible/Bio-protective blood circuit for added haemodialysis safety and patient protection
Produced in our Flagship Factory in Aeroton, the Sabax diasols come in 6 derivatives available in 5 L versions for high volume treatments
Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)
Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) uses the peritoneum, a natural membrane that lines the cavity of the abdomen. This membrane has tiny holes and acts as a filter so that waste products and fluid can be removed from the body. The two types of PD are CAPD (Continuous Peritoneal Dialysis) and APD (Automated Peritoneal Dialysis).
Peritoneal Drainage Bag
5 Prong Manifold Set
Cycler Drainage Bag
Cassette with lines - Adult
Home Choice Set - Paediatric
Disconnect Y-Set with drainage bag (System 3)
Peritoneal Dialysis Set with drainage tubing
Renal Pharma
KEXALATE® for treating hyperkalaemia in patients who have renal problems or who are on dialysis.
KEXALATE® Powder 454g
S0 KEXALATE® Powder. A18.3. Each jar contains sodium polystyrene sulfonate 454 g. Ref. No. H1748 (Act 101/1965). For full prescribing information refer to package insert approved by the medicines regulatory authority.